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Variable optical size


January 9 2022

I list some variable fonts, and discuss the second most popular 1980s song as per the number of YouTube views the song has.

==Variable optical size fonts==

This is a list of fonts which meet the following criteria:

  • The font is a variable font
  • The optical size of the font can be varied
  • The font is an OFL licensed open source font

Voto and Source Serif

These are the same general design, but Voto allows the width to be varied (both allow the weight and optical size to be varied)


One of the first variable fonts, with a large number of variable axes, including width, weight, and optical size.


This font has four variable axes, including weight and optical size


This font has weight and optical size as variable axes

Graduate Variable Font

While not suitable for body text, this open source variable font has a large number of axes, including optical size.

==1980s song #2: Take On Me==

This continues a series last seen in my previous blog entry

The second most popular 1980s song is A-Ha’s Take On Me, with 1,357,424,242 views as I type this.

Take on Me was a song which only hit #1 for one week in the US when it originally came out. While, in 1982, The Human League could keep a synth pop song on top of the charts for three weeks, by 1985 synth pop was going out of style, being relegated to “alternative rock” stations, and A-Ha was only able to stay on top of the charts for one week.

What made A-Ha notable was that, like Duran Duran, they were very attractive men who legions of teenage girls had crushes on. Long after A-Ha stopped making hits, their pictures would grace the cover of Bop magazine with stories about how cute the guys were filling the magazine’s pages.

Perhaps it’s those teenage girls who had crushes on an A-Ha band member who have propelled this song to #2 in terms of total You Tube views, remembering fondly the innocent crushes of their childhood.

This series on 1980s hits popular with YouTube is concluded in a future blog entry.

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