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1980s songs: Part two


November 7 2021

I continue to talk about the five most popular 1980s songs on YouTube, and discuss changing the time on my car stereo.

==#4: Billie Jean==

This continues my series on 1980s YouTube hits

The fourth most popular 1980s song is Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, with 1,072,965,297 views as I type this.

Michael Jackson was, at his peak, at least as popular as The Beatles were in the 1960s. This resulted in a lot of jealousy and in petty people attacking him. During his heyday in the 1980s, bullies would make downright racist jokes about him, attacking him for his skin color.

These days, since racism is no longer socially acceptable, bullies instead attack him using unproven allegations of pedophilia. Just like the racism used against him in the 1980s, these kinds of allegations are usually made in bad faith. The right to presumption of innocence is a fundamental constitutional right and he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

==DEH-X1900UB: Setting the time==

This continues my series on my DEH-X1900UB car stereo which I previously discussed here and here.

Today in the United States, we do “fall back”: We set all of the clocks back one hour. I decided to reset the time on my DEH-X1900UB car stereo. The process is as follows:

  • Turn on the car stereo
  • Press in the big knob on the left
  • Turn the big knob until it says “System”
  • Press in the big knob again
  • Turn the big knob until it says “Clock set”
  • Press in the big knob once again
  • Turn and press the big knob to set the time

==Winston Churchill==

There have been meritless accusations that Churchill was somehow, by today’s standards, a racist or white supremacist. A man who was forward and progressive enough to state, in 1906, that “We will endeavour [...] to advance the principle of equal rights of civilized men irrespective of colour” is someone who can not reasonably be called a racist.

A more detailed discussion of this matter has been written up by Richard M. Langworth and is worth reading.

I am not saying Churchill was a saint when looked at with 2021’s lens; he died long before Jared Diamond’s book “Guns, Germs, and Steel” discredited many delusions of white superiority. But I am saying he was remarkably progressive for someone from the era of British colonialism.

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