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Women against feminism


July 31 2014

I look at what modern feminism has become and why women in droves are railing against it. But, let’s first start with some...

==Racist Tweets==

Last year, a number of people in the left wing got upset that a few people posted racist tweets in reply to an Indian-American winning the Miss USA pageant. The tone from the left-wing media implied that this kind of backwards racist thinking was somehow mainstream conservative thought (an article at directly blamed the racist tweets on “The conservative twitter-verse”).

The reason I bring this up is to establish a precedent of the liberal media judging conservatives by the actions of a few extremists in the right wing.

==Meet Tasha Polwright==

That in mind, I would like to introduce my readers to one Tasha Polwright. She currently calls herself an “Intersectional feminist and women’s right microblogger” in her Twitter profile. On June 13th this year, she tweeted the following:

#SingleMothersDay #endfathersday because who really needs a father? Boys don't need a rape instructor.
Now, yes, this is just a random person on Twitter sharing their opinion with the world (I would guess, as a father of a beautiful daughter, that this young lady sadly has never had a father in her life). But, on the other hand, the liberal media has a history of judging the conservative movement based on the actions of a small number of Twitter users.

==What is feminism?==

A lot of liberals seem confused that women, in droves, are eschewing the “feminist” label and that #WomenAgainstFeminism has been trending on Twitter. They claim that anyone against feminism is against equality for women, ignoring that fact that feminism, as it exists today, condones hate-filled tweets like Tasha’s rant, which got some 311 retweets and was favorited some 51 times. In contrast, I only saw two liberal women, Paola Poot and someone who uses the handle “Victrix”, condemning this tweet.

The old dictionary definition of “feminism” being a movement for equality no longer matters. Feminism, as used by its own followers, is no longer about equality, but is instead about misandry. Worse, feminists are not going to any effort to weed or or even distance themselves from their more extreme adherents.

I, of course, am not the first one to observe this change in feminism. Just one example: Some 20 years ago, one Christina Sommers wrote Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women which describes how the extremists have been taking over feminism.

==Taking away constitutional rights==

Modern radical feminism does not restrict itself to posting offensive tweets, but is such a part of modern mainstream feminism that it has succeeded in taking fundamental constitutional liberties from men.

One of the cornerstones of the constitution is the presumption of innocence; this comes from a famous quote known as Blackstone’s formulation: “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”

Modern Feminism has removed this protection: Men can now be expelled from college with their guilt judged under a “preponderance of evidence” standard of evidence instead of the more fair “clear and convincing” standard that people accused of heinous crimes like rape should be judged with. Colleges are forced to use this standard because, in April of 2011, the US Government required any college getting public funding to no longer have a presumption of innocence when it comes to sexual harassment and sexual violence complaints.

Indeed, one Caleb Warner was expelled from college from a rape accusation so flimsy that, when the police investigated it, they issued an arrest warrant for filing a false rape charge:
Is rape a horrible crime? Yes. Is it a crime so bad that we should suspend the fundamental constitutional right of presumption of innocence, and expel from college clearly innocent men like Caleb Warner? No.

==Feminism needs to change==

For feminism to remain relevant, it should not be engaging in misandrist activity such as removing constitutional protections from college students. Instead, it needs to weed its more extreme elements from its ranks and go back to its original mission of promoting equality of women. There are still countries out there where women can not legally drive; why aren’t feminists in the west concentrating on that?

If modern feminism can not answer that question, movements like #WomenAgainstFeminism will continue to grow in popularity.

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