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Trump is toast


October 8 2016

In light of yesterday’s leaked audio of Trump saying some very crude and derogatory things about women, his political career is over.

Warning Strong language. Potential triggers for survivors of sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

Teflon Trump finally has made a gaffe which has ruined him. Just as Todd Akin’s political career was killed for his line “If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”, Trump’s presidential hopes have been killed for saying “Grab them by the pussy.”

Why did this and not anything else kill Trump? Because:

  • It’s a very short and memorable soundbite, only five words long
  • It’s on tape, so the misogynists can’t pretend the allegation is false
  • It’s something that offends rank and file Republicans (especially the religious right) strongly enough that they can’t ignore it anymore

The original plan was to air this after the debate Sunday; I think it was better to air it before, because it makes it impossible for Trump to win the debate. I would not be surprised if Trump doesn’t even show up.

There’s a reason why the Republican politicians in large numbers are finally moving away from Trump. They know that anything less than a complete condemnation of this will kill them down-ballot. Actually, it will probably kill them down ballot anyway.

And, yeah, I have grabbed women there. But only with their full consent when I was in a long term relationship with them.

== Addendum ==

While we’re on the subject of respecting woman and not treating them like sex objects, let’s put some PUA/Misogynist myths to rest.

First, Alpha F***s/Beta Bucks (and, likewise, the notion of “Chad” seducing every man’s wife) is a lie; women very rarely make their husbands cuckolds:
Second, there is no “cock carousel.” Women, on average, have fewer sexual partners than men:
Finally, women do not think being raped is sexy:

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