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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.

Help with a tcsh hack

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Subject: Help with a tcsh hack
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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 15:33:41 GMT
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Dear all,

We have been running tcsh, a csh look-a-like with nice things
such as filename completion, command correction and other
usefull things.

BUT there is also a 'festure' that some people here use that
really ticks me off, tcsh will - if asked - let you know who
is logging in, logging out, 'su'ing etc.  Whilst I can see
that for some applications this is handy, several people
here have taken a "sneeky - I want to know what everyone is
doing" attitude to this.

The hack I want to acheive is to cause a message like

stop-sneeking has logged on from ttypa at 13:52

instead of

jmajor has logged on from ttypa at 13:52

ie. I want to change the userid that come up.  I have tried
various things setting $user and $uid and stuff but to no avail :-(

Any ideas ?

OBHACK - not one of the best but its all I can think of:

Driving home once at night in my Triumph Spitfire the main
lights all failed.  It was dark and I couldnt see to fix the

The solution was to take out a brakelight bulb - easily done
by feel - and use that.  Problem, the elctrical system is broken
how to make it shine.  Well I took the radio aerial (a wire coat
hanger) and by bending it around and wedging it against the battery.
Then twisting it around to make it hold onto the brakelight bulb, I
mad a handy angle-poise inspection light !  I even listened to the
radio on the way home after fixing the problem - (broken earth strap)



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