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This article was posted to the Usenet group alt.hackers in 1995; any technical information is probably outdated.


Article: 7669 of alt.hackers
Newsgroups: alt.hackers
From: (Mark Gryn)
Subject: OBHack...
Sender: (Usenet)
Organization: University of Windsor
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 1995 22:27:23 GMT
Approved: I doubt it.
Lines: 37
Status: RO

	Eggasctly.  I doubted it.  Didn't think that last post would make
it in.	So, I didn't bother including an OBHack.  Now I find it actually
made it in and so now I must repent my sin(s) and display an OBHack...

	While I'm posting though...I'll ask a question that of course
does not have anything to do with hacking, but I've been wondering about
for awhile.  What's the difference between parity and non-parity simms?
(Besides price and a chip on the simm...)

	Hmm.  How about hacking save game file of a pac-man like game
called Supaplex (hard as hell) to get to the last level...

	Little novell hack I guess.  At school our network of 400+ pc's
is setup using Novell of course.  Naturally the site admin doesn't
appreciate people bringing in their own floppy disks (backup, we don't
need no stinkin' backups) and certainly frowns upon us using the system
to play doom and/or descent.
	Any case, as the system normally boots into a standard menu
system, enter your userID, etc, then gives you a menu that allows you to
run Windoze, turing, whatever.	Naturally the whole thing is made up of
batch files and a nicely timed CTRL-BREAK brings you to a dos prompt.
	Having accidentally done this one day I found myself in my
personal directory, with an assortment of .INI files in my dir.  Now,
that whizz of an admin had gone into the PROGMAN.INI and disabled the
'FILE' menu in program manager, thus we couldn't get a dos prmpt, or run
our own programs.  Simple enough, I pop open PROGMAN.INI and delete the
line, the mark the file read only.  Now, the batch file he has setup
can't delete my PROGMAN.INI, so I've got a dos prompt any time I want,
allowing me to run other programs or transfer 'stuff' to floppy any time
I need it...

	There...I tried...


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