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Kabah was a popular dancing and singing group in México. Their music seems to be more directed towards children than adults; however they also make some excellent dance pieces, and their last album was in the Mexican top 10. I have a more complete review of the band here

One of my favorite song of theirs is called La Calle de Las Sirenas (Alley of the Mermaid's temtation). My friend Santa transcribed these lyrics and explained to me the parts which I could not fully understand. As you can imagine, to give this song a proper video would require a large team of very talented computer animators using the latest state-of-the-art Linux software; the video which they did make has Dr. Who-ish special effects (which actually works well).


La Calle de las sirenas.
La Calle de las sirenas.
La Calle de las sirenas.
La Calle de las sirenas.

Alley of the mermaid's temtation.
(4 times)

Verse 1:

Atraviesan unicornios que son blancos y
que brincan sin parar.
Hacia el lado más angosto de la calle

Si te fijas bien arriba
Del letrero los zapatos hallaras
Unas hadas trabajando
En un vestido azul

Parece que levanta a las
cuando los duendes pasan
Hacia el camino al final de la calle
Es justo ahí donde hace más color

Following white unicorns
That never stop leaping
From the narrow side of the street

If you look carefully above
The sign says the shoes find
Some faeries working
In blue clothing

It seems that they go up
when the imps pass by
Until the path at the end of the street
Its right where it's hot


Oh uh uh imaginate a las sirenas en la luna
Oh uh uh dibujando a las estrellas con pintura

Oh whoo oh...imagine the mermaids in the moonlight
Oh who ohh...Painting stars up in the sky


Y princesas pasan bailando
con vestidos que van volando
en un carruaja azul

And princess dance past us
With dresses that go flying
In a blue carriage

Verse 2:

El dragón de ese castillo
está triste y tiene muy mal humor
Es un fuego enloquecido lo que da calor

Y la bruja su vecina en la noche
un remedio buscará
Porque el pobre no lo calma
Ni el ventilador

Podría pasar mi vida con aquél
que todo el mundo teme
y si me acerco
Hasta tocar su mano

Me dice que es solo un ser humana

The castle has a dragon
feeling sad and depressed
It's a crazy fire which heats things up

And the witch, his neighbor, looks for
A crue at night
Because the poor do not relax (the dragon)
Nor does a fan

I could spend my life with someone
That the enire world fears,
if he gets close to me
Until he touches my hand,
and tells me he is only human

Repeat chorus and bridge