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A description of these files is below

1198      jun-13-2013 16-10-groups
16474     jun-13-2013 pitfall.asm.diff
4096      jun-13-2013 pitfallT.xor
449       jun-13-2013 xor.image.c
5632      jun-13-2013 xor.image.exe

This Pitfall hack has two maps. The first primary map (available at power-on or when "game reset" is hit) is an easier 125-location "trainer" map. Despite the smaller jungle, all 32 treasures are to be found. In addition, the time limit has been increased to 60 minutes and the player now has many more lives; one minute is lost every time Harry dies (the game ends should Harry die with under a minute left on the clock).

The other map can be entered by hitting "game Select". It places Harry in a small training course suitable for practicing movement and jumping. The goal is to get to the right end of the course within a minute. This training course discourages bad habits by being more deadly: Touching a log or falling down ends the run. Harry is not allowed to run left from the starting line; no underground shortcuts may be used or the player has to start over.

To play this 2-map version of Pitfall, invoke the xor.image tool in the same directory as both the pitfallT.xor file and a ROM image of the original Pitfall game:

xor.image pitfall.rom pitfallT.xor pitfallT.rom
(Note: pitfall.rom, the original Pitfall game ROM, may have the name pitfall.bin. If so: "xor.image pitfall.bin pitfallT.xor pitfallT.rom")

This will create a ROM image--pitfallT.rom--that can be played in Stella or any other 2600 emulator. It is probably also possible to download it to a Harmony Cartridge (or even burn an EPROM) to play it on a real 2600.

The resulting pitfallT.rom has the following cryptographic sums:

md5       49f09eeef56a52465f8f9d30d0029333
sha-2-256 974d1389f53539094ededcf744e44202a3760a61e49ae0956f81a633ca205736