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Copyright statement

With the exception of the following, all content on this site is © 1997-2016 Sam Trenholme. All rights reserved.

The exceptions are:

  • The font used for headings on this webpage is a Source Sans Pro variant I call “Caulixtla009Sans”; the serif font I use for body text is a Bitstream Charter variant I call “Caulixtla009Serif”. These fonts, both open-source, have their own licenses which can be looked at here.
  • Images used in some of my blog entries are frequently under different copyright. Sometimes, the image is being used under fair use; other times, the image is Creative Commons licensed; at times the image is public domain; other times I am the copyright owner of the image. The text at the end of the blog usually describes the image's copyright status.
  • Much of the software here (programs and/or patches) is available under an open-source license.
  • Some of my blog entries may be Creative Commons licensed. This will be noted at the bottom of the blog entry.
  • The forum software is bbPress.
  • Postings in my 1995 archive of alt.hackers are owned by whoever posted them. These messages were originally posted to Usenet with the intention of being freely distributed across the Internet; my use of their postings is non-commercial and meant to preserve a piece of Internet history.
  • The image of Maria Jose of Kabah and me was taken by my then-wife (now deceased). I got her permission to use this photo while she was still with us.
  • The image of Kabah is owned either by whoever took this picture or by Kabah's record label. I believe using this image qualifies as fair use, since it is only a very low-resolution image, and its use does not harm (indeed it may even help) the market for the original work.
  • There is this script has its own license.
I do not permit third-party web annotation systems (such as Google’s now-defunct SideWiki) to alter this web site by adding a discussion board or any other content to any page here.

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