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New music released


January 28 2023

I have deleted these songs because sharing my music with the public is sharing a very private and vulnerable part of me. Since I only got limited positive feedback, I have decided to make the songs private.

I have released a new single of my music. This is a two sided single, where the “A side” is “Instagram Goddess”, and the “B side” is the song “Flying Far Away”.

==Instagram Goddess==

“Instagram Goddess”, the first song, represents the illusion of perfect beauty. It is an electronic dance song with a definite trance music vibe to it. The song clocks in at 131 BPM and is 5:31 long. It can be listened to on YouTube here:
It can also be purchased and downloaded here:
==Flying Far Away==

The other song on this single is “Flying Far Away”, which is very different from “Instagram Goddess”. Instead of being a song to dance to, “Flying Far Away” is a song to relax and meditate to.

It can be purchased and downloaded here:

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