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MaraDNS updates & more


March 29 2022

I discuss the Ukraine invasion, some minor updates I have been making for MaraDNS, why I don’t like 5G, and Will Smith’s now world-famous slap at the Oscars last night.

==The Ukraine invasion==

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a brazen power grab trying to use blunt force to conquer a sovereign nation. I agree with Biden: It is a war crime. This inhuman invasion must stop.

I have been following World Chess Champion #13 Kasparov’s Twitter feed, because, as a Russian who lived under Soviet oppression, Kasparov has an excellent perspective of Putin’s actions:
==MaraDNS updates==

I have been, based on user feedback, making some minor updates to MaraDNS:

  • An incomplete last line in the dwood3rc.txt file is no longer fatal if running Deadwood in Windows (still fatal in *NIX clones).
  • Document how to have CAA records in MaraDNS.
  • Fix a minor issue with example SPF records in MaraDNS’s documentation.

These changes are all pretty minor, and do not merit an updated release, but I have recompiled Deadwood for Windows with the incomplete last line change and updated the web page with MaraDNS documentation.

The snapshot of MaraDNS can be downloaded here:
==5G is harmful==

I consider 5G harmful. Not because of the alleged health risks of 5G radio waves which I think is a bunch of bull. But because, in the name of upgrading to 5G, US cell carriers are in the process of decommissioning their 3G networks. I had multiple 3G cell phones, including one only four years old, which is now a paperweight because the cell phone carriers have decided they can make more profit selling the “new improved 5G experience” while forcing those of us who still have 3G cellphones to buy a new cellphone I didn’t want to buy just so that I can have the same functionality my previous cell phone had.

While it makes business sense to force people to buy phones they really do not need, it makes no sense for the environment to have a network upgrade convert perfectly good cell phones in to landfill.

==Will Smith at the Oscars==

For context, this is about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock last night at the Oscars. Since everyone is talking about it, I may as well chime in with my two cents.

I think the best moment in this entire Will Smith affair at the Oscars is how Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry walked up to Will Smith and defused the situation with Smith. I don’t think they were enabling bad behavior, but reacting to a very inappropriate action with empathy and compassion.

Then again, Tyler Perry starred in and directed my favorite movie: “Why did I get Married”. Yes, I love romcoms, especially realistic romcoms where the characters actually believe in God.

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