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9/11 20 years later


September 11 2021

20 years ago today, September 11 happened. I remember this tragedy. Also, some thoughts on the pandemic.

==September 11==

I was at a Spanish school in Puebla Mexico when 9/11 happened. One fellow student there was this lovely young New Yorker redhead (who was really embarrassed about her accent).

I remember the owner of the school allowed her to use the school’s phone to make a long distance call to New York to find out if her uncle was OK, and hearing from her family that he went in to one of the towers. Then, as we watched the towers fall live on CNN, she knew he was in one of those towers. Her uncle was one of 343 firefighters who died that day.

She couldn’t go home to be with her family or be at his funeral because all of the planes were grounded. So, she just finished up her class with the rest of us stuck in Mexico. Finally, at the end of the week, when her session ended, she went on a bus and had to road trip all the way back home.

I have previously posted in 2019 and 2012 my memories of this historic event.

==God’s wrath==

I’m looking at the current world, and I’m reading the ancient sacred writings, and I’m thinking this:

  • We need to not be arrogant and haughty; i.e. I do not know more than scientists just because I have done a single Google search.
  • We need to be loving towards all others, not just those in our “tribe”
  • We need to provide help and compassion to those less fortunate.
  • If we forget these things, and become too selfish and arrogant, really really bad things can happen, such as a pandemic which has killed over 4 million people so far.

The picture of the twin towers burning on September 11 was taken by Michael Foran and obtained from the Wikimedia. The picture is available from Wikimedia under a CC-BY-2.0 license, and has been altered (resized and cropped) for this blog entry.

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