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Grab bag: October 2020


October 25 2020

I make another prediction of how the election will go, make an observation about Doctor Who, and mention another MaraDNS release. 402 words

==My fourth election prediction==

My fourth prediction for the November 3 presidential election

Now that Trump looks to be better, I will revise my prediction. I predict that Biden will get 319 electoral votes (EVs), and Trump only will get 219 EVs. I predict that Biden will get the sun belt (Arizona and Florida) and the rust belt (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota).

It’s important that Biden get the sun belt because Florida will be counting its votes more quickly than key states in the rust belt. If Biden gets Florida, we will know who won the presidential race on election night; otherwise, it may take up to a week to know the winner.

==Doctor Who: An observation==

As a white cisgender male who was in an interracial marriage with a Latina until she passed away, an interaction we once had made me very aware of how white privilege is something that has been as invisible to me as water is to a fish.

We were watching this British TV series called Doctor Who on Netflix. First, we watched a mid-1970s story, Pyramids of Mars, then we watched an aughts (first 2000s decade) story, School Reunion. Her observation: The 1970s one did not have any Black people in it, but the 2000s one did.

I was shocked: This was something I never noticed, even as a long term Doctor Who fan. White privilege was invisible to me: I did not even notice when Black people were being excluded.

I do not think the BBC producers were consciously excluding Black people when making this episode. Pyramids of Mars was made in an era when the BBC was still openly homophobic (Pete Shelley’s 1981 song Homosapien was banned by the BBC for making references to homosexuality) and produced at least one show (It Ain’t Half Hot Mum) which is considered racist today.

Times have changed: The BBC plans on having the next incarnation of the lead character in Doctor Who be a Black woman.

==MaraDNS 3.5.0017 released==

I released MaraDNS 3.5.0017 earlier this month. The only program to be updated is the Lua-based coLunacyDNS server; that server now allows the Lua script to specify some flags (RA: Recursion available and AA: Authoritative answer) and the TTL (time to live) in the DNS response sent to the client.

Now that I am working again, this will probably be the last MaraDNS release for a while.

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