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COVID-19 growth by state


July 3 2020

In the blog, I discuss COVID-19 growth across the US, and discuss why we should take down Confederate statues. 371 words

==COVID-19 growth by state==

COVID-19 growth over the last week. Red is high growth, blue is low growth.

Let’s take a look at COVID-19 growth in the United States over the last seven days. In this map, dark red indicates a high percentage of growth (as much as 5.8% per day); light blue indicates a low amount of growth.

In this map, Florida leads with a 5.8% daily growth of COVID-19 cases over the last week. On the heels of Florida, we have Arizona (4.7%), Idaho (4.6%), South Carolina (4.6%), Montana (4.4%), Nevada (4.2%), and Texas (4.2%).

As Senator Marco Rubio pointed out, wearing a mask in public is a simple public heath issue, not a political issue. It’s important to continue wearing a mask in public (especially if indoors), avoid large public gatherings, and to practice social distancing.

==Confederate Statues==

I support taking down Confederate statutes, mainly because they were by and large put up in the 20th century to support Jim Crow laws.1 I do not support what extremists are doing, tearing down statues of people like George Washington in places like Portland just because he owned slaves.2

What these extremists fail to do is distinguish between someone being a product of their time (George Washington owning slaves in the late 1700s, back when that was still a normal acceptable practice) vs. someone being malicious as per the values of their era (Confederates fighting a war to continue owning slaves, and their statue being put up in the 20th century to bolster Jim Crow). I saw this with some of the extremes of #MeToo (e.g. Nolan Bushnell was attacked for being the president of a company with was more openly sexual at work in the 1970s than would be acceptable today),3 and I am now seeing it in the wake of the George Floyd Protests.

In terms of southern culture: I lived in Georgia for two years. I have a distinct southern drawl in my voice. I love southern culture and southern hospitality and the people there. Southern culture does not mean we need to celebrate the subjugation of Black people.


The COVID-19 Data comes from the New York Times over at The SVG map template is public domain, obtained from The code to take the New York Times data and convert it in to a visual map is open source, available at

I originally posted the COVID-19 data at DailyKOS.


  1. See or for discussion of the checkered history of Confederate statues
  3. Sex, Pong, And Pioneers: What Atari Was Really Like, According To Women Who Were There” by Cecilia D'Anastasio, published by Kotaku

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