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June 23 2020

This blog has an update on CHAZ, and discusses Stephen Hsu, Trump’s failed rally, and Slate Star Codex being down. 333 words

==CHAZ: 11 days before lethal violence==

Larry Niven, in “Cloak of Anarchy”, predicted it would take nine hours from a place being police free until we had deadly violence.1 The CHAZ, make that CHOP, police-free zone in Seattle which I blogged about on June 13 needed 11 days before its first murder.2

To say that police are horrible and should be abolished is easy. To actually keep violence down in a neighborhood takes real work.

==Stephen Hsu resigned but is still a tenured professor==

As a follow-up to my June 16 blog, Stephen Hsu has been forced to resign from his position as president of research and innovation at Michigan State University. He still has his position as a tenured professor.3

==Trump’s failed rally==

Not many people attended Trump’s rally in Tulsa Oklahoma;4 the days of Trump being able to pack a stadium may be done with. There are a number of possible reasons for this; I like to think it’s because even former Trump voters are tired of blaming immigrants and, via thinly veiled “dog whistle” language, minorities for the nation’s problems.

To say that immigrants and minorities (make that “thugs”) are horrible is easy. To actually run a country, especially in wake of a pandemic and the resulting economic collapse, takes real work.

==Slate Star Codex is down==

As I type this, Slate Star Codex is down.5 The reason is because The New York Times apparently is threatening to reveal Scott Alexander’s real identity, i.e. “doxx” him. Scott has a legitimate reason to feel his job and livelihood is at stake if he is doxxed; I hope the reporters have the decency to ultimately respect Scott’s privacy.

Considering that an otherwise unknown woman was fired last week because The Washington Post decided a Halloween costume she wore back in 2018 was not politically correct,6 Scott Alexander has good reason to want to remain anonymous.7


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  7. There is a long discussion about Scott Alexander possibly being doxxed over at “Hacker News”

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