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Bernie Bro myths


March 5 2020

In this blog, I address some myths which vocal Bernie Sanders supporters have been spreading online.

==Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Popular vote in 2016==

From a comment I recently saw in The New York Times:

Last time Bernie won the popular vote but the Democratic establishment aided, abetted and chose Hillary instead.

In the 2016 Democratic Presidential primary, Hillary got 16,914,722 votes, and Bernie only got 13,206,428 votes.


==Bernie is stronger than Biden in the general election==

Another comment recently seen in The New York Times:

Poll after poll has Bernie beating Trump in match ups where Biden and every other candidate was losing.

As I type this, the Real Clear Politics shows Biden with a 5.5% lead, compared to the 4.7% lead Sanders shows.

Both Sanders and Biden are beating Trump in Real Clear Politics’s summary of head to head polls, but Biden has an edge over Sanders.

There have been only been two polls which show both Trump beating Biden and Sanders beating Trump, both run by Emerson College. One was run in mid-February; the other is from last November.

As a point of comparison, there have been three polls showing Trump beating Sanders but show Biden beating Trump.

==Sanders supporters voted for Hillary in the General Election==

From another comment in The New York Times:

Bernie supporters voted Hillary to give her the popular vote
Yes and no

According to a very large survey of around 50,000 people, 12% of people who voted for Sanders in the 2016 primary voted for Trump in the general election.

In addition, in the key swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, if every voter who voted for Jill Stein (the left-wing third party candidate) voted for Hillary instead, Trump would had lost the 2016 election.

It is true that many Sanders voters in the 2016 primary voted for Hillary in the general, but not enough to stop Trump from winning.

I do not mean to discount the help Sanders provided Hillary at the end, but it’s an open question whether Sanders’s 2016 campaign helped Trump win that general election.

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