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July round-up


July 27 2019

Some thoughts I have posted in July of 2019.

==Why is there less sex?==

One question that is coming up is why are young people having less sex than previous generations?

My answer is that it’s the economy.

Desmond Morris, best known for “The Naked Ape”, in his 1978 book “Manwatching”, made an observation that women skirt lengths were affected by the economy: The more prosperous the economy was, the shorter the skirts women wore. In other words, if women felt the economy was strong, they would show off their sexuality more and felt more comfortable having sex and making children.

A teacher once told me that David Buss’s book “The Evolution of Desire” mentions that women in Scandinavian countries are more likely to be promiscuous because that society pays for more child care expenses.

The point being, women are more likely to have sex if they feel any resulting children will be well taken care of. Today’s shrinking middle class means that women feel more insecure about their economic future; less sex is the inevitable result.

==After the moon landing==

After we landed on the moon in July of 1969, 50 years ago this month, we had very ambitious plans for expanding our presence in space.

I remember, when I worked in Silicon Valley, during the first dot-com boom, talking to an older man who remembered the Silicon Valley of the early 1970s, before it became the technology hub of the world. He told me that the government was planning on making this really fancy orbital space station that was going to make Skylab look like a tiny rock. He said Nixon canceled it; that people would come to Silicon Valley, buy a house, move in, and be told on their first day of work to pack up and go home because the project was canceled. He said the entire technology explosion happened because there were all these really smart people who suddenly found themselves without work.

It was Kennedy who got us to the moon. It was Nixon and Reagan who killed the space program.

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