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New album coming out


May 30 2019

This blog is about my new album which is coming out.

==Wind and Spirit==

Wind and Spirit is the name of a new album which I have been working on for over two years in my (little bit of) spare time. I have finished recording all of the music on the album; the tracks are being sent to the mastering engineer and the album should be out sometime this summer.

The music is similar to the music on my previous album; it is, as one friend described it, a combination of electro and ambient. In other words, it is instrumental electronic music which is suitable to listen to while one is working.

Like the last album, there are eight tracks on the album and about 35 minutes of music total (the last album had an 18-minute bonus track, which will not be on this album). While some consider this an “EP”, this is about how long a full length LP was back in the heyday of vinyl.

Like the last album, the first four tracks have a beat and can be danced to; the second four tracks are more relaxing.

I hope people enjoy listening to this album.

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