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Deadwood 3.3.03 released


April 30 2019

This is just a note that I released Deadwood 3.3.03 earlier this month.


Deadwood 3.3.03 (both source code and Windows binaries) is available at


  • Deadwood default changed to use upstream servers instead of ICANN root servers.
  • Compile-time option to use RadioGatun[64] instead of RadioGatun[32] added
  • Tests for the ip4 and ip6 parameters added
  • Valgrind-found issues fixed

The biggest change is that Deadwood 3.3.03 is updated to use the upstream DNS servers as the default. If the old behavior of using the ICANN name servers as root servers is desired, add the following lines to one's dwoodrc file:

root_servers = {}
root_servers["."]+=",,, "
root_servers["."]+=",,, "

PLEASE NOTE: The above list of IPs is current as of 2019-04-07, and was last changed in October of 2017.

Please go to to get an up-to-date list of root servers.

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