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MaraDNS update


February 11 2019

I have released Deadwood 3.3.01, which implements a feature users have wanted for years.

==In more detail==

Deadwood 3.3.01 adds a new feature: The ability to set the IPs for a given domain name. For example, let’s add these lines to a dwood3rc Deadwood configuration file:

ip4 = {}
ip4[""] = ""
ip4[""] = ""

With these lines, whenever we ask Deadwood for the IP for “”, we get the ip, regardless of the IP this domain may actually have. Likewise, when we ask for “”, we get the IP


There are a number of limitations with this feature:

  • Only IPv4, not IPv6 is currently supported.
  • A given hostname can only have a single IP.
  • Since Deadwood uses a fairly large amount of memory to store these entries, we can only store 20,000 entries. This is not enough to use this feature for DNS blacklists.
  • The feature is currently unstable: I have not thoroughly tested this code.

==Getting Deadwood 3.3.01==

Both the source code and Windows binaries of Deadwood 3.3.01 are available:

As always, MaraDNS is a free open-source download, and I was not compensated for developing this feature (but donations are always welcome).

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