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Deadwood 3.2.13 released


November 11 2018

I have released Deadwood 3.2.13. Nothing in the server has changed; only the testing framework has been updated

==Deadwood 3.2.13==

In Deadwood 3.2.13, I have updated the SQA suite to run again. The main issue is that Dig, when used to run DNS-over-TCP has changed and no longer works with Deadwood; that in mind, I have updated the tests to no longer use Dig, but use a tool I wrote myself instead for the DNS-over-TCP tests.

Only the SQA tests have been updated; no code changes to the Deadwood daemon have been made.

That in mind, I am only releasing the source code to Deadwood 3.2.13, and will not update MaraDNS to use the new version of Deadwood. The Windows binaries will remain at 3.2.12.

The code is available here:
I have also updated the GitHub version of the code:
==MaraDNS: Now under the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct==

For too long, I have been a grousy old-school *NIX graybeard. I strive to improve myself as a person; that means the days of replying to support requests with dismissive RTFMs are over. In more detail, I now strive to have all of my public interactions, especially with regards to my open source development, follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

It’s pretty simple: I will respect others as human beings. I will be kind and considerate. I will be empathetic towards others.

I think this change will make me a more happy person, and make my online interactions more pleasant.

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