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Healthcare is here to stay


November 7 2018

Yesterday’s election firmly establishes that politicians can no longer try to take away health care in the USA.

==Obamacare will stay the law of the land==

This election is the final nail in the coffin of the 2010s mantra to “Repeal Obamacare!” Democrats campaigned strongly on “the Republicans tried to take you health care away in 2017”, and even Republicans campaigned on “We never meant to take away insurance from people with pre-existing conditions.”

It means that, as a contractor paying for insurance out of pocket, even if my boss can’t get my contractor position converted in to a full hire with benefits, I can still pay out of pocket for comprehensive health insurance after my Cobra runs out next year. I don’t have to worry about the company I get Cobra from going under. If the economy were to go south and I were to lose my job, and was (heaven forbid) unable to get a new one, because of the ACA (the proper name for “Obamacare”), I would still be eligible for health insurance through Medicaid.

Even in deep red Utah (not to mention Idaho and Nebraska), voters overwhelmingly voted to expand Medicaid health insurance for the poor and unemployed.

There are only 14 states without the Medicaid expansion. That number was 18 this spring, and it keeps going down. The days of “I have to hold on to this job to have healthcare” is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

It means that my daughter will never have to worry about becoming sick and having her health insurance taken away from her. And that is a very good thing.

==Minor MaraDNS update==

For some reason, I have been unable to recently run the automated regression tests for MaraDNS and Deadwood. Hopefully I will have time to get a setup to automatically test things again.

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