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MaraDNS 2.0.14 release


June 10 2017

MaraDNS 2.0.14 has been released today. This is a non-security bugfix release.

==What changed==

The only thing I have changed in the maradns binary is to update its version number to 2.0.14. However, I have updated Deadwood, the recursive server, to version 3.2.10, and that has a few updates:

  • IP updated
  • Slow down issue with mixed case queries fixed
  • We allow names to start with an underscore
  • Documentation updates

I have also verified that MaraDNS and Deadwood run in Windows 10.

It can be downloaded at the usual place.

==Learning React==

Google Trends shows that the React Javascript framework is gaining in popularity. Not only are there a lot of excellent articles about React at Medium, but also it is gaining in popularity according to Google trends:

In this image, the blue line is React JS, which is very popular and gaining. The yellow line is AngularJS, which is still quite popular but starting to wane. The red line barely visible at the bottom of the graph is Ember.js, a Javascript framework which never caught on; what little popularity it had is declining.

I believe the reason why Ember never caught on is because:

  • It has too steep of a learning curve. Many shops can not afford a month of downtime while their development team learns Ember’s quirks.
  • It never had a stable API, but constantly changed. You had to either constantly update your code or use an outdated version of Ember.
  • Likewise, since the API was not stable, people looking for answers to Ember problems on Stack Overflow would find outdated answers.

React, on the other hand, looks to be easier to learn and more flexible to boot. I am going through Facebook’s excellent React tutorial and am pleased React can work with non-Javascript sites (think accessibility for visually disabled people) using the Gatsby framework.

The screenshot from Google Trends is provided here for commentary; While Google may be the copyright owner of this screenshot, its use falls under fair use.

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