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“Ocean Path” album released


December 6 2016

I have released my “Ocean Path” CD on Bandcamp and as a physical replicated CD. Also, some minor MaraDNS updates.

==“Ocean Path”==

Ocean Path is the name of the CD of music I have released this year. This album is nearly two years in the making; I started it near the beginning of 2015 and uploaded the master CD to Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago. It has over 50 minutes of music in nine different songs and is available to listen to or purchase here:
==MaraDNS updates==

Last month, a security bug in MaraDNS was supposedly found. After investigating the issue, I discovered that the issue actually isn’t a security issue in MaraDNS:
The original reporter has verified that the report was a false alarm, as can be seen in this thread:
What is an issue, however, is that moved last year. I have finally updated the development snapshot of Deadwood, as well as the MaraDNS Git repo, with the new root server IP:
The updated tarball is here:
And the patch can be seen here:

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