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MaraDNS 1 plans


June 12 2015

I explain why I am going to keep a MaraDNS 1 download on MaraDNS’s webpage after its end of life. And, oh, I have made a minor ObHack update.

==Sourceforge: Betrayed trust==

For years, I knew I could download something from Sourceforge knowing that I didn’t need to worry about Sourceforge adding adware or other unwanted programs to the download.

Sourceforce, alas has started bundling adware with their downloads. Not only does this break the trust Sourceforge had with users downloading software from their site, but also it was an attempt to cash in on other people’s hard work.

That in mind, I will no longer upload MaraDNS updates to Sourceforge. MaraDNS 2.0.11 will be the last version of MaraDNS uploaded there. The Sourceforge MaraDNS page from now on is merely an archive of old MaraDNS releases.

I suggest for anyone who downloads and old MaraDNS release from Sourceforge to check the GPG signature to make sure Sourceforge has not altered it.

2019 update I have forgiven Sourceforge because they have been under new management for three years, and have stopped making trojan binaries.

==MaraDNS 1 will remain available on my page==

While I normally remove older MaraDNS releases from my page, I will keep a copy of the final release of MaraDNS 1.4 up to stop people from going to Sourceforge or other shady download sites to get MaraDNS 1. I have also updated the Windows MaraDNS 1.4 binary to use the latest version of Deadwood (the only change to non-Deadwood MaraDNS 1.4 since 1.4.12 is to decrease max_glueless_level).

Come father’s day (June 21), I will add a note that this version of MaraDNS is not supported at all, including no support for any critical security bugs found.

I will now need to ask anyone requesting MaraDNS support which version of MaraDNS they are using, but it’s important that a trustable download of MaraDNS 1 remains available.

==ObHack update==

When I made my final version of ObHack, I also made a version of FreeDoom with the levels replaced by ObHack-generated levels, so people could get a feel of what the randomly generated levels were like without needing to run the program.

Unfortunately, I subsequently learned that some of the music in FreeDoom was plagiarized. In addition, the ugly Zomebieman and Shotgun Guy sprites have finally been updated to look really nice, and I have modified the title screen to make it clear this is an unofficial version using random maps.

The updated download is here:
Scroll down to where it says “FreeDoom 0.7 using ObHack-generated maps” to download it.

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