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Goodbye Radio Shack


February 6 2015

Now that Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy, here is my eulogy for the store.

Just three weeks ago, in the process of rebuilding my recording studio, one of my old drum machines complained about a low battery. Instead of having to drive an hour to and from to get a replacement battery, I was able to get one in under ten minutes by going to the local Radio Shack.

Radio Shack gave me my first ever credit card which let me build up credit and have a credit rating. I remember getting my first ever MIDI cable at a Radio Shack. My first ever mixer was a tiny inexpensive mixer Radio Shack sold. I got my first ever cell phone at a Radio Shack. Countless parts from Radio Shack (patch cables, adapters, power supplies), overlooked but necessary, keep my hardware-based recording studio going to this day.

As I was buying that battery for my drum machine, I chatted with the salesman. I told him:

“You know, it's really convenient to be able to get a part like this without having to drive for an hour. I hope this place stays open.”

With a grim look on his face, he replied “Yeah, I hope so too.”

Hopefully Sprint will decide the Radio Shack just up the street from my place is worth keeping. Hopefully. I wonder if they still sell MIDI cables; one of my old MIDI cables broke last night.

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