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MaraDNS security update


January 25 2015

I have made three MaraDNS and Deadwood releases with an important security update.

The issue is CERT VU#264212. I have also incorporated other bug fixes.

==Deadwood 3.2.06 released==

  • Security update: Better protection against malicious NS tarpits
  • Removed two warnings generated by GCC 4.8.2
  • Return the correct ID in SERVER FAIL errors
  • Log a message when a RFC1918 IP is blocked from resolving
  • Deadwood now ignores the CD and AD bits as defined in RFC2535 section 6.1
  • SERVER FAILs no longer incorrectly sent when Deadwood gets a glueless NS referral
  • The MacOS and Linux Makefiles now should make version.h correctly

==MaraDNS 2.0.10 released==

  • Deadwood updated to 3.2.06 (security fix)
  • Zoneserver now compiles and runs in Cygwin

==MaraDNS 1.4.15 released==

This is the legacy branch of MaraDNS. Please upgrade to MaraDNS 2. This will probably be the final MaraDNS 1 release; all MaraDNS 1 support ends on June 21, 2015.

  • Deadwood updated to 3.2.06
  • Security update: max_glueless_level now defaults to 4 instead of 10

==Where to download==

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