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MaraDNS on GitHub


February 5 2014

There has been some talk about setting up a repository for MaraDNS. I have now made it so: MaraDNS is available on GitHub.

For people who wish to make their own fork of MaraDNS, or who prefer to download with git instead of downloading a tarball, one can now grab MaraDNS thusly:

git clone
The above link can also be opened in a browser; I have gone to some effort to ensure MaraDNS compiles when downloaded via git or if GitHub's zip file of MaraDNS (on the linked webpage) is downloaded.

Feel free to fork this repo, but please do not name your fork "MaraDNS" or "Deadwood"; some names that can be used are "MaraDNS-ng", "N-MaraDNS", or any other name besides "MaraDNS" and "Deadwood".

Note that having MaraDNS in git does not affect future tarball/zipfile releases of MaraDNS; those continue to be built and released separately from git.

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