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2014 goals


January 1 2014

This blog looks at some of my goals for 2014.

==Returning to the gym==

I got a gym membership in 2013. One goal in 2014 is to use it more frequently.

==Getting up at a reasonable hour==

One nice thing about having a baby in my life is that I have finally stopped being a night owl and usually go to bed around 10pm at night, waking up fairly early in the morning. Another goal for 2014 is to maintain a normal sleep schedule.

==Making money==

Another personal goal for 2014 is to find more sources of revenue in my life to better support my wife and child. I don’t have a solid plan on how I will go about doing this yet, but am open to suggestions.

That in mind, one step is for me to minimize spending time on things that do not get me closer to that goal (video games, time wasting web sites, Internet communities, any kind of partying, etc.).

This leads me to my...

==MaraDNS roadmap==

MaraDNS is in maintenance mode, as I mentioned yesterday. I need to update and reinforce the support boundaries for MaraDNS:

  • No new features added without me getting paid
  • All unpaid support is now done in the forum.
  • New for 2014: The minimum fee for paid MaraDNS work is now $500. Any request for paid MaraDNS features will require a non-refundable $500 payment made to me before any work is done. These terms are not open to negotiation.

My plan for 2014 is to, barring a security hole with a CVE number, make a single MaraDNS release (2.0.08) later on this month, and a single Deadwood release (3.2.05) incorporating any and all hostname resolution updates near the end of the year.

The only supported OSes for MaraDNS and Deadwood in 2014 will be CentOS 6 (barring CentOS falling behind on updates like they did in 2011) and partial support for Windows 7 (while Deadwood has full Windows support, the native Windows version of MaraDNS’ authoritative server does not have DNS-over-TCP nor the native ability to run as a Windows service).

People using MaraDNS in more recent Linux releases with systemd are free to use Tomasz Torcz’s systemd patch.

I know these are pretty strong support boundaries, but the fact of the matter is this: The only revenue stream I have found for MaraDNS has been to use it as “resume-ware” (showing it to potential employers to get better job offers), and working on MaraDNS does not otherwise help me find solid revenue sources.

==Internet communities==

I used to be a pretty active member of Slashdot, the Wikipedia, and other Internet communities. Since being a part of those communities is not making me any money, it’s time to cut the cord: No posting in places like those (including, but not limited to: Reddit, Ycombinator’s “Hacker news”, etc.)

One possible exception: Stack Overflow. I use Stack Overflow a lot in my day job for finding solutions to problems developing our software. The advantage of being a part of this community compared to others is that I can show my programming expertise in a public manner which might help me get more revenue in my life.

==My blog==

Another goal is to only make at most about one blog entry a week. I made 73 blog entries in 2013; my plan is to make no more than 52 blogs in 2014, unless, of course, someone wants to pay me to blog.

Speaking of my blog, my first geek accomplishment in 2014 has been to change my blog’s date format from YYYYMMDD (for example, “20131231”) to ISO-8601 compliant YYYY-MM-DD dates (for example, “2014-01-01”). The reason I did this just after the new year is so the transition does not break sorting with old blog entries in the previous date format.

==2014: Let’s go==

While there are a lot of other things I would like to accomplish in 2014, making this list is a pretty good start. 2013 was a good year but I know 2014 will be even better.

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