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December 11 2013

I have been having a lot of problems with AlienVPS -- the only active node I have when them went offline Saturday and they have been ignoring my support ticket about the issue (as well as my tweet) -- so I opened up a node with Crissic.

Crissic net right now is the best $15/year OpenVZ virtual server out there. A typical server at this price offers 128 megabytes of memory (maybe another 128 of “burst” memory) and under 20 gigs of hard disk space; Crissic offers 512 megabytes of memory and 50 gigs of disk space. Instead of one IP, they supply two; the maximum monthly bandwidth is also higher. The offer is here:
The server was set up very quickly (within a few hours after ordering) and when I asked for an IPv6 IP, Skylar almost immediately gave me one by hand (they will give customers up to 200 IPv6 IPs for free).

The server is also faster than my other nodes.

While I can not know how this server will turn out in the long run -- any node that costs less than $20 a year is a gamble and I have already been burned three times -- so far they look like an excellent VPS provider.

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