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Deadwood updates


December 3 2013

I have updated Deadwood to resolve yet another corner case and updated TinyOVZ to have Deadwood 3.2.03d.

==Deadwood update==

Because Canal Once has misconfigured DNS servers and the .tv root servers do not return answers in the AN section, I have had to apply a non-trivial patch to get to resolve in Deadwood.

Since this patch is non-trivial, and since I have just updated Deadwood with a security patch, I will not make a Deadwood 3.2.03e release. Instead, I will release Deadwood 3.2.04 fairly soon.

It can be downloaded here:
==TinyOVZ update==

Not only have I renamed my Tiny OpenVZ template TinyOVZ (instead of its old name TinyVZ), I have also updated it to have Deadwood 3.2.03d. In addition, I am beginning to add other services to TinyOVZ; right now it has a web server suitable for static files (sthttpd).

The release is TinyOVZ-0.7.04, and it’s available here:

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