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September 12 2013

Naida Gonzalez writes the following about La Tempestad:

I stopped watching the above novela a few weeks ago. I find all the participants over act their characters. The only character I enjoyed is Estercita, who I find to be a good actress, at least better than the rest of the crew. It never came to light that she drugged William Levy to make him think he had sex with her...or did he? Not one person is doing an exceptional job on this one. Levy needs acting school and Navarette needs to look for another career.
OK, I will admit it. I still watch and enjoy the novela some days of the week, but if my wife wants to go shopping while the show is on, I don’t complain as much as I used to.

One frustration, as someone who speaks Spanish as a second language, is that Levy is sometimes impossible for me to understand. There is a lot of truth to the joke that La Tempestad will do better in the United States because they will give Levy’s character subtitles.

At this point, the story has gone really downhill. Minor spoiler follows: They have killed two of my favorite characters. Even the heroes, at this point, come off as whiny drama queens, with everyone yelling at each other and breaking in to tears for no particularly good reason. Another minor spoiler: The Magdalena character’s romantic plot is just wrong.

It’s good for practicing my Spanish comprehension (especially William Levy’s and Iván Sánchez’s thick accents), but in terms of a story, I think the writers could have done a lot better.

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