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RSS and Zealots


July 31 2013

In this blog entry, I discuss the RSS feed I have added to this blog (as well as an RSS feed for just MaraDNS blog entries), as well as take a brief look at Reza Aslan’s book Zealot.

==RSS Feed==

While RSS is slowly dying, I have added an RSS feed for my personal blog:
As well as a feed for just MaraDNS blog entries:
These links are in the corresponding headers in the home pages for and for easy import in to RSS readers.

For the occasional RSS reader which demands anally-compliant RSS, I have the following feeds which validate:

Unlike the obsolete Gopher service which I shut down, the RSS feed generator is completely automated. Now that I have written the script to update it, it will always be current whenever I add a new blog entry.

Note that only the first paragraph of a given blog entry is available via RSS; people who want to read more will have to click on the link and go to my webpage, where I have unobtrusive text ads on the right which help defray the costs of hosting my web pages. Also note that RSS entries are not available for the microblog (too much trouble for what is a dying service).

==Zealot by Reza Aslan==

Readers of my blog know that Christian fundamentalists annoy me; I found the way the right-wing Fox News attacked Reza Aslan for being a Muslim writing a book about Christianity annoying, especially since they didn’t criticize a Christian for writing a book about Islam.

That said, I think there’s something a bit dishonest about a book that claims that, not only were the Gospel writers lying through their teeth, but also that Jesus was a militant, especially in light of the fact that Muhammad (the founder of Islam) was, in fact, the militant leader of Medina which was at war with then-pagan Mecca.

The fact of the matter is that the only records we have of Jesus’ life come from Christian sources. If we can’t trust those sources, reconstructing Jesus’ life is little more than guesswork.

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