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Deadwood Update


June 21 2013

11 years ago today, I released MaraDNS 1.0 to the world. Today, I have updated Deadwood and am announcing another end-of-life.

==Deadwood update==

I have added a FAQ entry about using Deadwood with RFC1918 addresses.

It can be downloaded here:
The updated FAQ:
==Deadwood 2.0 end-of-life==

I have dropped most support for the older, more compact Deadwood 2.0 release. The only thing I update in this branch of Deadwood is security holes with CVE numbers.

The last update to Deadwood 2.0 was Deadwood 2.3.08, which addressed CVE-2012-1570.

I am now placing an end of life on Deadwood 2.0: June 21, 2016. This gives users three years to update to Deadwood 3. With Deadwood 3 out for over two years, it’s time to upgrade.

==MaraDNS 1 end-of-life==

Please remember that all MaraDNS 1 releases are only supported for CVE security holes, and that this branch of MaraDNS will no longer be supported two years from today (June 21, 2015):
==Current MaraDNS plans==

Unless a CVE security hole comes up, my present plan is to release Deadwood 3.2.04 and MaraDNS 2.0.08 sometime around the end of the year.

While not a hard-and-fast rule (for example, I answered a lot of email on the list this month), my plan is to work on MaraDNS or Deadwood again one day in a couple of months unless a critical security bug with a CVE number is found.

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