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Tweets March 2013


March 29 2013

I am moving away from Twitter and to using my own code for microblogs.

Here is a summary of my tweets from March 2013:

==Goodbye Twitter==

I don't understand why people spend most of their time on the Internet using corporate-controlled websites like Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, Twitter has decided to not index my #INeedMasculismBecause hashtags, so I'm going back to only using Twitter to announce new blog entries.

Goodbye, Twitter. It’s time to bring the community back to the Internet and stop being a corporate drone when I’m not getting paid.

==Where’s a killfile?==

Usenet faded away because of the trolls, spammers, and tribalism. Unmoderated internet forums are a wasteland: I miss killfiles:

==Gay marriage==

Among Republicans, support for gay marriage has risen only to 25% from 20% ten years ago.

==Intel Atom and Linux==

The “Cedarview” Atoms also appear to have Linux compatibility issues—which is why I use older “Pineview” netbooks.

==The new pope==

Argentinian Cardinal BERGOGLIO is the new pope. With a Jesuit at the helm, there is hope for the Holy Mother Church (Catholic Church) again.

A Jesuit to the rescue:

Nate Silver’s take on why Cardinal Bergoglio’s age may have been helpful to him electorally:

Speaking of the pope, the celibate life was never for me, even though I thought so at one point.

==Screwing over workers again==

I am sure the new Hostess will pay workers a good deal less than the old Hostess, while increasing CEO pay.

==Real Men==

Real men do not go around treating women like objects or whining about how horrible our “feminist society” is; Real men get and stay married

Speaking of real men, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” is a masculine “Alpha” song. Few know it was written by one Robert Hazard; when the same lyrics are sung by a man (like they originally were), the song gets a completely different meaning.

I still feel his song “Escalator of Life”, about the emptyness of greed, is better.

Speaking of “manly men”, here’s one answer to Planet Fitness’s “no grunt” policy: I have never had a negative experience with a jock when working out at a gym; indeed, I have made a lot of jock friends while doing exercise.

That said, I am skeptical about men’s “my wife became a b—— at 40 and I had to divorce her” complaints. Maybe the wife just stopped being fertile at 40.

In terms of meeting and kissing women, people regret not making the approach more than making the approach:

A great resource for men in abusive relationships (There’s a reason I no longer date strippers) Yeah, I dated strippers and they opened up emotionally to me. I learned how they felt working. As a result, I never could enjoy a lap dance again.

==Prenda Law==

While #Prenda Law consists of a bunch of dirtbags, the bottom line is that willful copyright infringement is not OK. #TANSTAAFL

==CentOS 6.4 update==

I’ve updated all my servers from #CentOS 6.3 to CentOS 6.4. I thank the CentOS team for all their hard work getting 6.4 out there so fast.

==Can a girl give dating advice?==

A girl helping guys to learn how to date women: (Some useful advice is near the bottom before the comments). That article has the same general issues when girls give dating help: No pointers on how a man can become more sexy and desirable.

==Red Light Cameras in Ohio==

Red light cameras struck down in Ohio

==Lynx lives==

By using “lynx -dump -nolist http://whatever | sed 's/^ //' | less”, I am looking at modern webpages as pure text in a terminal.

==Source Sans: A beautiful font==

I printed a few pages of text using Source Sans Pro—it looks beautiful! Much better than Verdana on paper and licensed with the Open Font License to boot.

Here’s a demo of the 2013 Wordpress theme showing Source Sans used as body text:

“Source Sans is more than a mere typeface. It’s a platform for development, expansion, & education.”

==Cussing in Spanish==

Mexican Supreme Court makes the Spanish word for “f*ggot” (“maricón”) subject to civil penalties—but the word can also mean “pussy” (coward). Indeed, that is a question being asked in a lawsuit recently made against a journalist in Puebla named Enrique Núñez.

As an aside, “Homophobic” is a word in Spanish. I kid you not.

==Income inequality==

Here’s the source article for that recently-become-viral video showing the problems of inequality in the US:

Note that Wealth = Money in the bank. Income = Money earned from work. Wealth != Income.

==The Violence Against Women Act==

In a world where women worldwide ages 15 through 44 are more likely to die or be maimed because of male violence than because of cancer, malaria, traffic accidents, and war combined, it’s important to have protections against the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). I am very glad my representative voted for the VAWA. How did your representative vote for it? Find out here:

Wyoming has the dubious honor of being the only state in the Union where not one senator nor representative voted for the Violence Against Women Act. I call that “patriarchy”.


I notice that a lot of women are posting knee-jerk reactions to me using the #INeedMasculismBecause hashtag. It has been my experience that women are not the best teachers for men when it comes to a man learning how to be someone a woman will want to date and have an intimate relationship with.

Ladies, the bottom line is this: I need masculism because...getting laid is very difficult for a guy. Since marriage has broken down in our culture, a man needs to learn how to get laid in order to start a relationship that can lead to marriage. While I find it disgusting to call sexual experiences “notches”, PUAs are teaching men how to get laid.

Twitter finally reacted by no longer indexing my #INeedMasculismBecause posts. It probably is a case of “-1 Disagree” mods being allowed to stack the vote; I have blocked the militant feminists who reacted negatively to my tweets in retaliation and will no longer use Twitter except to note new blogs.

Here’s one debunking of the seduction community: That said, the seduction community did help me date normally and meet my wife. On second thought, Aaron isn’t a real hater, since he does sell his own PUA guide: It’s just jealously among PUAs.

==Flash and Linux==

These days, Linux’s lack of good Flash support is a less valid complaint about Linux on the desktop than it used to be (see, for example ) Today’s web is moving away from proprietary technologies like Flash. Flash is that is going away and being slowly replaced by HTML5, which is much more open.

==Working at home==

Does working remotely make you less productive?

My comment that this is a stealth layoff stands; The article states that “It's a layoff that's not a layoff.”

==Blast from the past==

Images like this were sent from fax to fax during the war with Iraq in 1991, long before Facebook and Instagram:

==Laissez Faire working conditions==

An article from 1894 looking at the horrible working conditions in steel mills at the time The article was written by one Hamlin Garland, and was called “Homestead and its Perilous Trades - Impressions of a Visit”

==Orson Scott Card==

Orson Scott Card is a writer I greatly respect, and I’m sad he has become so militantly anti-gay. That said, It’s important we do not become intolerant when fighting intolerance.

==Militant Atheists==

Yet another “look at how horrible those Christians are” article that militant atheists love. ... ; Here’s the original source article which the left-wing blogosphere commented on:

==So long, WaSP==

A relic from the Netscape-MSIE “browser wars” and Microsoft’s 1990s attempts at controlling the web closes shop: The WaSP project was needed in the mid-2000s when there wasn’t a single browser that could render a smiley face at

Dillo still doesn’t render a smiley face for the ACID2 test and quite frankly, they never will.

==EFF: Stop enabling piracy==

The EFF criticizes ISPs taking measures to reduce piracy?? What a surprise! EFF doesn’t understand that #TANSTAAFL