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Applebee's and God


February 5 2013

Recently, there was a pastor who went to Applebee's. While there, she scratched out a large mandatory tip on her receipt and wrote "I give God 10%. Why do you Get [sic] 18?" This story quickly became viral, and the waitress who posted the receipt online got fired.

Something like this would normally have been posted to some website where people complain about bad customers and then forgotten. But that didn't happen here.

The main reason this recent Applebee's story became so viral is because it gave atheists a chance to say "Look how horrible those Christians act!" While I think Pastor Alois Bell was rude trying to stiff the waitress of her tip, and I think it was not fair for Applebee's to fire Chelsea Welch (and I will boycott them -- not just because of this -- but because some franchises whined about Obamacare), a story like this about rude customers would not normally have become so viral.

There is an expectation, even among atheists, that people who are Christian need to show their faith via good deeds. This is why rude actions like this with God's name on them cause so much outcry, and why it is disgusting for people to use faith to justify a "god" that would send someone like Anne Frank or Gandhi to hell.

If you are a Christian, show it to the word with your good deeds. Be very careful how you represent your faith, and especially do not ever judge or condemn someone in the name of God (Mt. 7:1).

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