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MaraDNS update


January 20 2013

MaraDNS update

I have released MaraDNS 2.0.07. This release updates Deadwood to 3.2.03 and MaraDNS to run in any RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 clone. The supported OSes for MaraDNS are now any RHEL6 clone and Windows 7.

It can be downloaded here:

BuyVM is moving to Vegas

One of my providers, BuyVM, is moving its servers to Vegas right now. Because of this, I will not be able to update this node until it is online again. There is a small chance that people going to the MaraDNS web page will only see the outdated 2.0.06 download between the time the node goes online again and I update said node.

I understand BuyVM wants to get better download speeds from Fiberhub, but the move is a little annoying for me because I already have an AlienVPS node in Fiberhub. The issue is that entire colos can and do go down: The New York colo with one of my nodes went down when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

Evening update: The BuyVM node is back up again and all files have been synchronized

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