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Finally, I have BuyVM


January 1 2013

Last year, I complained that it was impossible to get a BuyVM node. Actually, it's not...I finally have one.

I didn't even have to try that hard to get it; I happened to visit yesterday, saw they still had a few 128 megabyte nodes (only $15/year) available, and was able to easily purchase my new node.

They are out of stock again today, but the sign up page was not at all overloaded yesterday and purchasing a node was a perfectly smooth process.

I can see why this virtual machine provider is popular on WHT; the node I have is very snappy and responsive, and includes 16 IPv6 addresses in addition to its IPv4 address.

I chose to put CentOS 6 on this new node and spent the good part of today converting one of my other virtual machine nodes from CentOS 5 in to CentOS 6. One of my 2013 resolutions is to completely phase out CentOS 5; I have one more node to convert and plan to finish up the MaraDNS upgrade to CentOS 6.

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