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2012 wrap-up


December 31 2012

2012 has been a good year.

While I only devote one day a month to MaraDNS, I was able to update MaraDNS to be immune to the "ghost domain" security bug which hit every single DNS server (including djbdns) this year. I was also able to update Deadwood with a bunch of bug fixes as well as update it for CentOS/RHEL 6.

In addition, I finally purchased Civilization IV and made a number of contributions, most notably improvements to Cephalo's "Perfect World" map script. I also fixed some bugs and added some polish to the mostly forgotten "Legends of Ancient Arabia" Civ IV mod--it is now possible to play random maps with this mod.

In addition, Fritz made another release of the ObHack Doom random map generator this year

Looking ahead at 2013, now that Deadwood has been updated for CentOS 6, I plan on making a MaraDNS 2.0.07 release which updates the rest of MaraDNS for the most current RHEL release. This is my last planned OS update until 2017 (RHEL/CentOS 6 will be supported until 2020).

I am also starting to play Civilization IV again, and may have time to make some more contributions for this game. I am not promising anything.

Finally, I have decided to no longer use Facebook comments. Since Facebook doesn't allow me to approve postings before they become visible, the comments are spam magnets in waiting. People may email me if they have anything to say about any of my blog entries.

Happy 2013 everyone! I know it's going to be a fabulous year!

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