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December 12 2012

I discuss an ObHack update and the 2012 Wrex the Halls concert, as well as discussing today's date.

ObHack 007.4 released

ObHack is a random map generator for classic Doom

Fritz made a new ObHack release last week; I finally had a chance to upload it Monday and am now making a note in my blog about it. He has posted a changelog which describes what's new in this release; it's available for download at the usual place.

Wrex the Halls 2012

This last Friday, my wife and I went to a concert of the band "The Killers" which featured some eight different bands; we arrived a little late and saw the last five bands.

It was a very enjoyable concert. I am very happy that today young people are just as happy rocking out to synthesizer-centered music as to guitar-based music. The guitar-vs-synthesizer war is over, and electronic music in various forms is now completely mainstream.

Two of the opening acts: Passion Pit and M83, make very electronic music; my favorite song during the entire concert was M83's recent hit "Midnight City". The Killers, being the headliners, also had a very good set.

91X, the promoters of the concert, have put up a web page with pictures of all of the acts in the concert.

National Sound Check Day

Today's date is "12/12/12", and is the last "repeat three times" date for the 21st century. I like Geroge Takei's joke on Facebook that today is "National Sound Check Day"..."1-2-1-2-1-2" (as in "Testing testing 1 2 1 2 1 2" which people say when testing sound systems). My favorite "repeat three times" day has probably been 7/7/7, when I was at a small concert at a friend's house.

The picture

The picture included in today's blog represents a time in my life when I made a painful, but very important, positive transition in my life. I will sometimes put this picture in my blog to remind myself to make other positive transitions in my life.

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