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Let's not secede


November 14 2012

I agree with fundamental conservative principles: I agree that if we do not reward people for hard work, no one will do the hard work needed to keep our society prosperous. I agree in the importance of marriage to keep our society cohesive. I despise those on the left with an entitlement mentality who think it's OK to pirate intellectual property or to get something for nothing.

However, joining the rest of the 1st world and having universal health care will not all of a sudden make people want to stop working and live on welfare checks. Respecting gay rights does not mean that the institution of marriage is going to fall apart. Respecting all Americans, regardless of race, religion, and sexual orientation is fundamentally a very conservative position, and was the position of the Republican party before they made a deal with the devil and adopted the "Southern Strategy" which is now hitting them like a boomerang.

Right now, we have a right-of-center Democratic party and a Republican party who has been pandering to a downright fascist and scary group of people -- including all of the idiots who have decided "One nation under God INDIVISIBLE" doesn't mean anything and who think we should secede and have another civil war.

Anyone who voted for Romney or who has been a supporter of Romney should listen to his concession speech again. America faces great challenges. We have lost our sense of unity, our sense of working together to make the US a great nation. Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, white, black, Latino, Asian, gay or straight, we need to stop bickering with each other and come together united and work hard to keep America a great nation.

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