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Obama: Looking forward


November 7 2012

As an Obama supporter, the last thing I want to do is gloat right now. I pray for the United States that instead of being resentful (Eph. 4:26), we can be loving (1 Cor 13) and that Democrats and Republicans can work together to reduce the debt and keep this nation strong and prosperous. Obama only won by 1% so the needs of people who didn't want him to win can not be ignored.

The message voters gave politicians in this election is that the politics of hate and bigotry and the politics of obstruction will no longer be tolerated. Pro-gay marriage laws won and anti-gay laws lost in four different states last night. Thinly disguised racism--Calling Obama a "Muslim" or claiming he can not legally be president because he's not "American" enough, or calling Latinos "Illegals"--no longer has any place in politics.

I'm really hoping Obama's victory will put a lot of the ugly resentment-based politics we've seen these last four years to rest, and that Republicans will start working with Democrats again to make America an even stronger and more prosperous nation.

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