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Server Fault Fail


August 15 2012

Over at Server Fault, someone resurrected a years-dead thread by claiming that "MaraDNS is no longer maintained by the author". Can you say fail?

The truth of that matter is that I still maintain MaraDNS, pretty diligently once a month for an hour or two. That gives me enough time to fix security and other bugs, and update MaraDNS to run on newer versions of Linux -- my project right now is to update MaraDNS to fully run in CentOS/Oracle/Scientific Linux 6.

It would have been far more accurate to say "new features are no longer being added to MaraDNS" -- which, barring me winning the lottery or otherwise becoming independently wealthy, is true. Please, guys, check what you say before spouting off on public forums.

2014 update: I finally became an active member of the Server Fault community and posted a correction in response to the comment in question.

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