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Adding Facebook comments


August 6 2012

Comments are difficult to deal with. I had to turn off comments on the old MaraDNS blog because of spammers and because of anonymous requests for MaraDNS support.

On the other hand, when a blog posting expressing my frustration with Linux went viral, it would have been better to allow people who didn't like what I had to say about Linux have their say, perhaps only censoring obvious trolls and spammers.

This in mind, I have trying out Facebook for handling my comments. Some advantages of Facebook commenting:

  • Most identities are not anonymous. This minimizes issues with people using an anonymous identity to post offensive stuff they would not say if their name was on it.
  • Killfiles. Facebook, unlike the majority of web discussion systems, allows you to killfile someone: Go to their profile, click on the gear icon, select report/block, and block the user.

Comments? I will make this my first blog entry with Facebook comments!

In order to reduce spam, comments for this entry are now closed