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I no longer accept patches


July 23 2012

MaraDNS update

I am letting the MaraDNS community know that I am no longer integrating third party patches in to the MaraDNS codebase unless the patch fixes a security problem with a CVE number.

While I do appreciate third-party contributions to MaraDNS, I am the one who takes responsibility for any bugs a patch I accept introduces. I do not at present devote enough time to MaraDNS to be fixing bugs introduced by patches.

There has been talk of setting up a Git tree for a MaraDNS-ng fork and I hope that a MaraDNS-ng fork can be started. I would not be able to devote any time to contributing or approving patches for this fork, nor in setting up a Git host, but I do agree there is need for a MaraDNS-ng branch more open to third party contributions.

2014 update: MaraDNS now is in GitHub at

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