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MaraDNS 1 End-of-life


June 21 2012

MaraDNS 1 end-of-life: June 21, 2015

Ten years ago today, I released MaraDNS 1.0. All things have a beginning and an end. Today, I am announcing the end of life for MaraDNS 1.

Support for MaraDNS 1 will end three years from today, on June 21, 2015. To clarify for people who do not regularly read the MaraDNS blog or mailing list: MaraDNS 1 has only been supported for critical security bug fixes as of the beginning of this year.

People are encouraged to upgrade from MaraDNS 1 to MaraDNS 2. I understand that MaraDNS 2 does not support every single configuration MaraDNS 1 supports. My plan was originally to have MaraDNS 2 be more compatible with MaraDNS 1, and come out with a MaraDNS 3 release that would have been completely compatible but then open source economics kicked in and I realized I could no longer do professional quality software development "for fun and for free".

Work plans for June

Things are really busy with my day job right now. I hope to be able to put aside a little time for MaraDNS baby sitting this weekend.

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