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Geomyidae is stable


March 5 2012

In an earlier blog entry, I implied that Geomyidae, the gopher daemon I am using, has some stability issues and crashes. I was in error; the problem was that the node running this gopher daemon has been rebooting a lot and I had not correctly set up the system startup scripts to restart this daemon.

Geomyidae is stable and a good daemon to use for people who want a currently maintained Gopher server. I would like to thank Christoph Lohmann, Geomyidae's author, for working closely with me while I resolved this issue.

On rationalization

I believe that someone who is truly walking in the path of God does not need any rationalization--any need to make excuses--to justify their faith. The fundamentalist needs rationalization on top of rationalization--such as the convoluted and intellectually dishonest reasoning to justify that the massacre of the innocents really happened or that the census in Luke 2 happened when Herod was still alive to make their faith work.

John 4:24 says that "those who worship God must worship in spirit and truth" and I worship a God that is real because I am blessed enough to be able to feel His spirit at work in my life today. I do not have to rationalize or make any excuses to know that God is real.

Update The Bible verse chosen today by a "Verse of the Day" that I subscribe to on Facebook is very fitting: "Trust in The LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding." (Proverbs 3:5). God does not need to be rationalized nor justified, and attempts to do so distract from the true worship of God.

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