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MaraDNS 1 has limited support


March 3 2012

This is a heads-up that MaraDNS 1 is no longer supported for anything besides security holes; I mentioned this policy at the beginning of the year. I actually have been phasing out of support for MaraDNS 1 since 2009:

Since I understand a lot of MaraDNS users do not carefully read my blog, and since I have made updates to MaraDNS 1 this year, I can see why some people are not aware of my support boundaries for MaraDNS 1. This in mind, I have updated the relevant download pages for MaraDNS 1 to make it clear only security support is supplied for this older software.

I wish I was in an economic position to supply full support for all MaraDNS releases, as well as being able to add DNSSEC support as well as better integration between the authoritative and recursive parts of MaraDNS 2, but unfortunately no one with deep pockets has offered to pay me to work on MaraDNS full time.

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