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March 2 2012

In today's blog entry, I discuss why I have changed the link for making MaraDNS donations, and discuss the two ways MaraDNS users can contribute.

Adios PayPal

PayPal is not the most friendly company for processing donations for open-source projects. Ever since the Diaspora PayPal incident and the Regretsy PayPal incident, I have been looking for a viable PayPal alternative. I have now found one.

Hola WePay

My good friend Sean Lynch pointed me to WePay. I am now using WePay for accepting donations for MaraDNS. Donations are completely voluntary and I currently do not sell extended technical support or any other MaraDNS-related services.

If you find MaraDNS useful, please make a $25 MaraDNS donation at WePay:
People who are interested in signing up for WePay for their own open-source or other project can register here:
Disclaimer: This second link is an affiliate link. I encourage people who are using MaraDNS and want to collect payments for any reason to use this link to help support MaraDNS maintenance.

If you would prefer to make a smaller donation

Students, teachers, retired and other people on fixed incomes, or plain old cheapskates who do not want to make a $25 WePay donation can make a Flattr donation instead. Yes, I would prefer a WePay donation. But I have also opened up a Flattr account so that more people can donate, irregardless [1] of their income.

All donations are optional

Since MaraDNS is an open-source project, all donations are of course optional. However, donations are the best way for MaraDNS users to show their appreciation for all of the hard work I have done making MaraDNS and the work I continue to do maintaining MaraDNS.

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[1] "Irregardless" is a word because I say it's a word.