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February 3 2012

One of the three nodes I have used for hosting my domains (,, etc.) was a low-cost VPS with The good news is that the domain was only supposedly $20/year with a $1 setup fee. The bad news was that the machine was slow (a good deal slower than my $19/year AlienVPS nodes) and fell off of the earth and was marked deadpool in late January.

My node with them was still up until yesterday around noon (Central time) then went belly-up, undoubtedly for good, since stop resolving over a week ago on January 21. So, instead of getting a VPS from them for $21 a year, I ended up paying $21 for over seven months. It wasn't a bad server for $3 a month, and I did have warning it was going to go offline (which I should have heeded), so all is good. I wish the people at Cripperz the best.

Since I have redundant servers and DNS failover set up for my domains, and since my node with Cripperz was always a backup node, there was no downtime. Cripperz served me well keeping my web pages up when AlienVPS was having some minor issues keeping their servers running last fall.

To replace my Cripperz node, I chose one the cheapest VPS providers, namely FastVPS. For only $12, I had within a couple of hours a new backup node for up and running. It feels fast--it's a new server in the same datacenter as Cripperz's servers, but with a more powerful and less overloaded machine.

I so far am very happy with my node with FastVPS. I am a little worried that they are offering so much for so little, but, considering there was over a week's warning Cripperz was going deadpool, and considering I have two other nodes up and running with AlienVPS, I should be fine even if they can't keep their shop open. The most I have to lose is $12 and a couple of hours work moving my backup node yet again.

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